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Exercise Tips for Senior Citizens Aging at Home


Regular exercise will help senior citizens improve their overall functionality, fitness, and strength. It also helps reduce the risk of chronic conditions and age-related issues like diabetes, mobility constraints, heart disease, and kidney issues.

Here at Kandydina, Inc., we provide non-medical homecare in PG County, and here are some exercise tips for your elderly loved ones aging at home:

  • Help Them Formulate an Exercise Routine

    Creating an exercise routine can help ensure your elderly loved ones get their daily exercise. Having a routine will also make it easier for them and their loved ones to track the progress and effectiveness of their workouts. We also provide senior care in Charles County to assist your loved ones with their daily workout.

  • Consider Exercise Programs

    There are many exercise programs that specifically cater to senior citizens. These programs can also help address a variety of age-related issues like mobility constraints, flexibility issues, posture problems, and more.

  • Exercise Together With Your Loved Ones

    One of the best ways to make sure that your elderly loved ones exercise every day is by joining them. Working out with loved ones makes exercise less of a chore and more of a bonding activity.

  • Exercise Through Recreational Activities

    There are many types of recreational activities that can provide your elderly loved ones with some light exercise. Some examples include taking a walk, gardening, and sports like golf and tennis.

Regular exercise will help your elderly loved ones improve their quality of life and health at home. For daily living assistance, feel free to call us at 240-640-3929. We provide home care services in Fort Washington, Maryland.

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