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Understanding Anosognosia: Lack of Insight into One’s Illness


Many dementia patients refuse to quit driving, accept in-home care, or move into assisted living because they are unaware they need help. The unfortunate truth is that mental decline hinders one’s ability to comprehend and admit the level of one’s disability.

Anosognosia refers to a person’s inability to recognize their own sickness. Unlike some people undergoing denial, the patient is truly unable to recognize their own condition.

When it comes to helping families of dementia patients better understand the difficulties their loved ones are facing, no one does it better than Kandydina, Inc., a licensed provider of home care services in Fort Washington, Maryland.

Anosognosia affects approximately 60% of mild cognitive impairment patients and 80% of Alzheimer’s patients.

The way anosognosia patients react to criticism differs. Denial of needing aid or being able to complete daily tasks independently is common among people with anosognosia. Some people may become enraged when questioned about their mental health since they are convinced they are fine.

Even for our own staff providing senior care in Charles County, anosognosia can sometimes be as frustrating as dealing with memory loss.

However, understanding odd dementia behaviors might help you stay calm and find solutions to keep your loved one safe.

Some individuals are so sure of their own health that they refuse to see a doctor, have neurological tests, or take medications.

Even if a person suffering from dementia refuses to admit their condition or ask for help, some form of intervention is often required.

If your senior loved one requires non-medical homecare in PG County, you may contact us today and let us help you in providing the right care they need.

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