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The Early Signs Your Senior Needs Home Care


It’s hard to watch your senior loved one age and become unable to care for themselves and their home. Allowing your senior to go on living alone without any help can lead to life-threatening situations such as falls, fires, and more.

Kandydina, Inc. wants your loved one to live in a safe and secure home. So we’re going to talk about the common signs your loved one needs Non-Medical Homecare in PG County. Take a look:

  • Lack of personal hygiene
    If you begin to notice that your loved one has body odor, bad breath, or is suddenly looking dirty and unkempt, it may be a sign that they can no longer care for their personal needs. Caregivers can easily provide your loved ones with their personal care needs.
  • Unpaid bills
    Stacks of unsorted mail and unpaid bills may mean that your loved one is forgetting things more often. Senior Care in Charles County can help sort through important mail so your senior doesn’t forget.
  • Spoiled food and empathy pantries
    Spoiled food and empty pantries can mean that your loved one is either unable to shop by themselves or is unaware that they need to restock. Getting a caregiver can ensure that your loved one has healthy food to eat at all times.

If you observe these signs with your loved one, perhaps it’s time to give Home Care Services in Fort Washington, Maryland a try. Want to learn more about senior care? Give us a call at 240-640-3929 to get in touch.

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